No Fleas! Silver Aces Out Flea Meds–Finally

Mamba Joe, manning up before his wrestling match with Tuxedo a few years ago

October 24, 2019 Update to Original Post:

Correction to July 7 update: I have not used flea meds on my cats since the summer of 2011, eight years ago. Instead, I have used colloidal silver in their water.

My cats are still flea-free.

Tuxedo has gone on now. Papa Joe and his son Mamba Joe weathered the loss of our friend well and have been enjoying the garden about once a day for a couple of hours, before coming inside to be safe from weather and any wildlife that may somehow get into our fenced and secure yard.

And now we three have a new delight, a June 2019 tabby kitten we call Rain. She’s feisty, intelligent, and about as pesky to the elder gentlemen as a baby sister of the human variety would be with older brothers. She, too, drinks water with colloidal silver.

RAIN Sep 2019

Rain at about 3 1/2 months

I’m currently putting a dropperful (from the 2 oz. bottle)–the dropper only fills halfway–into a large soup bowl of water.

Many of my followers have written with questions about how to gauge amounts for other animals. I don’t know, really. I would go by body weight. Here’s a quote from my full article, below:

The directions on the label say that adults can take a teaspoon five times a day for long-term immune support.

Regardless, I like hearing from you about your animals and your hopes that colloidal silver will help them. See my original post below.

July 7, 2013 update to the original blog post:

Here it is nearly 18 months since I first started using colloidal silver in my cats’ water and we are still flea-free! This is the second summer we’ve had no flea problem.  Initially I think I began putting colloidal silver drops in my cat’s water in March of 2012.  It might have taken a month or so to take effect, but I have no way of knowing. I simply did not put Revolution on my kitties that spring or summer, and that first summer we didn’t have fleas. We still don’t!

I have standardized the dose to 5 drops in fresh water every morning. All three cats drink it. Mamba Joe hasn’t had an outbreak of dermatitis. Nobody has been to the vet since 2011 except for Tuxie’s checkup last September.

He continues in good health. His favorite exercise, if he’s not wrestling with the other cats, is racing from the back yard, across the patio, through the kitchen and dining room, and down the hall, putting on the brakes, nails scratching the hardwood for traction, and butting up against a table at the end of the hall; then whirling around and running pell-mell into the back yard again.

I used Revolution for years, hating it the whole time. Now I use nothing but the colloidal silver. If you decide to give it a try, I would appreciate hearing from you after a few months of use. Thanks for posting to my blog.

Here’s the original blog post from July 10, 2012:

In my household, colloidal silver has replaced flea meds.

There’re a couple of good reasons why.  To begin with, I really dislike putting harsh, toxic chemicals on my pets, myself, or my plants.  Secondly, one of my cats gets a mange-like reaction to fleas–flea allergy dermatitis (read more at  Mamba Joe’s skin gets itchy, he jumps around like he has the Saint Vitas Dance, he bites and scratches, and then his hair disappears. Most people know fleas are downright dangerous to a cat’s health.  So until this spring, I was forced to use prescription flea-prevention “medicine” on my three fur-balls–very, very reluctantly.

No more.

At my local health-food store, I fell upon a remedy this year that amazes me: I put 5-6 drops of colloidal silver in a large soup bowl of water daily.  Initially I added the drops thinking to boost the immune system of my nearly-14-year-old male, Tuxedo, because he was recovering from a grave onset of Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (feline AIDS, which is not “catching” to humans) from a cat bite. Read more at Cornell U’s website:

Digression here!  Yep, Tuxie escaped one night and tangled with an HIV-carrier with teeth and claws; one of Mr. T’s feet was bitten clear through.  That bite gave him HIV, the cat version.

Tuxie in March 2012

At the onset of the disease, the cat gets very, very ill and sometimes doesn’t make it.  After some very expensive treatments to see if the  Feline IV could be killed, we re-tested and found him to still carry the virus in his blood.  So homecare was the next option.  After six weeks of babying Tuxedo, giving him daily sub-cutaneous fluids, feeding him every two hours, etc., he gradually felt a little better and put on some weight.

Immediately I began to look for immune-builders.  A child of the sixties, I’d heard something about the restorative properties of colloidal silver, which I found at my local health-food store and began to administer.

The directions on the label say that Adults can take a teaspoon five times a day for long-term immune support. So I guessed that 5 or 6 drops in the water would work for kitties.  They’ve been on it for about four months, and…

No fleas!  No allergies!

I’m thrilled to report I have not used any flea control meds since the summer of 2011.

The brand I’m using is Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol 10ppm (It’s 50mcg of silver in pharmaceutical grade purified water).  It’s manufactured by Natural Immunogenics Corp., Pompano Beach, FL  33069 USA. 1-888-328-8840.  It’s usually available at your local naturopathic retailer.

Papa Joe – a nap aces a wrestling match when the mercury is at 88

P.S:  A piece of advice:

If you “think” your pet is not feeling well, you’re right.  A quick visit to the vet can give you a diagnosis.  That could lead to tremendous relief for the pet who can’t talk to tell you how lousy they’re feeling.  The visit will also let you sleep at night knowing you did what you could to ease their suffering.


P.S:  A second piece of advice:

Most of the websites on pet health are put up by drug companies.  Most of the remedies for flea problems are toxic-drug oriented.  Do some searching.  You will find veterinarians who practice traditional as well as holistic medicine.  You will find natural remedies for common ailments.  They are hiding but they are there.  Seek them.

Resources & A Little More Advice

Go here to read an EPA labeling warning about flea meds:

Go here to read about the health problems and risks to animals from flea bites:

Totally off-topic but important:  Do NOT give chocolate to your pets.  It’s toxic:

My two favorite vets in the Orange County, California, area are

1. The Cat Care Clinic in Tustin, CA.  Dr Wexler is multi-published in cat-care books and has an excellent philosophic ethic about pet ownership and care.  Mamba Joe and his dad, Papa Joe, were my foster fur-balls a few years ago, and The Cat Care Clinic, who really helps out the SPCA rescue efforts, cared for them initially.  Their ability to humanely control and work on a wild feline is nothing short of miraculous.  Their website:

2. Newport-Harbor Animal Hospital, an acclaimed teaching hospital, is located in Costa Mesa, CA.  For serious-illness care as well as maintenance visits, Dr. Millian has been amazing over the years with my kitties.  Dr. Carpenter is a dog man, but he stood outside on the porch with his arm around me as I said good bye to Tiger Kitty some 25 years ago, so he typifies the sensitivity of this vet practice. Like them, the other vets are  excellent and the staff is caring and kind.  You can find a $15 off coupon on their website:

Vets who provide alternative medical care that caught my eye include:

A vet in Texas, who is multi-published, uses holistic medical practices, and is accessible by phone-appointment as well as online, is Dr. Shawn Messionnier of the Paws & Claws Veterinary Hospital: . I subscribe to a yahoo group that he contributes to:

I like the look of Dr. Ballard’s alternative-medicine vet’s website, too:

Spending a little time online or asking friends, you can find an holistic vet practice in your area.


24 responses to “No Fleas! Silver Aces Out Flea Meds–Finally

  1. Hello,
    I am curious to know where you came up with the silver idea for fleas? I just started giving my pets silver and reading your post I am glad it helps with skin conditions on cats! I will keep you updated. Thank you!


  2. Louella, years ago, I would put about 10 drops of the same exact CS you use to cure my 14# Shih Tzu of kennel cough (from groomer who let the fur kids play with one another). It took 24-48 hours and he was done! We lost our precious boy in August 2017 and adopted another rescue, a Schnorkie, right away. We’d had such a horrific experience with the Shih-Poo we rescued from the pound in 2015 – his neuter – that I decided to use CS with our latest one. You would never know he’d been neutered. HE didn’t even know he’d lost his family jewels!

    I’m a firm believer in CS, when it’s used properly. I’ve met and conversed with silver people, so KNOW that you have to obey the unspoken rules.

    We will be trying it for fleas for the first time this season, as our furboys already have fleas.

    Question: do you think CS will prevent heartworms and intestinal parasites as well? Our latest little guy had heartworms and we don’t EVER want him to endure that misery again. We adopted him as he was finishing up the was not pleasant.

    Thanks for all the great advise!


    • Hi Cherie
      I have found that traditionally-trained vets don’t know the benefits of CS, and I don’t have experience with heartworm and the parasites. All I can say is that my two kitties haven’t had those issues. They have been on CS for several years and still don’t have fleas. I’m so grateful! I wish the producers would release other health cures from CS but so far I haven’t seen this.

      What dangers or “unspoken rules” were you thinking of?
      You can respond to my personal email at



  3. wondering if you are still having good results with the colloidal silver in your cats’ drinking water? One of my cats also gets flea allergy dermatitis and I have just learned about the colloidal silver. thanks for your coming reply! 🙂 Sue


  4. Hi Cindy,
    Poor Bear! Fleas are miserable for animals and us, and can be lethal for baby animals if not treated.
    I do detest putting commercial flea control meds on my animals–too toxic!
    I have been using colloidal silver to control fleas and boost immune system for so long now that I take it for granted. I am currently putting 8 drops of silver hydrosol in the kitties’ soup-bowl full of water every morning. They are still flea-free since I began the treatment in roughly January 2012. I do not see a problem putting it on food instead. You might phone the company and ask the dose they recommend.
    Here is my source for the silver:
    The brand I’m using is Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol 10ppm (It’s 50mcg of silver in pharmaceutical grade purified water). It’s manufactured by Natural Immunogenics Corp., Pompano Beach, FL 33069 USA. 1-888-328-8840. It’s usually available at your local naturopathic retailer.
    Keep me posted when you think about it.


  5. I have a 20 lb long hair Pomeranian/Sheltie Mix dog name Bear. Bear is highly Allergic to Fleas and he tares at his Fur Leaving Bare Skin and Sores. I doctor them up but it’s a Vicious Cycle.

    He gets Comfortis once a Month. It helps but the Fleas have to Bite him to die. Until that happens the Fleas are still on him. i need something that’s going to Repel the Fleas. Preferably without any Toxic Drugs. I have tried Peppermint Oil but it just drys out his skin and doesn’t last very long.

    Does Colloidal Silver Repel Fleas?
    Also I have a Water Dispenser for Bear. So doing drops daily wouldn’t work. Can I just give it to them in their Soft food and if so how much a day?

    I feed him Twice a day and one meal is soft food to mix the Flax Oil in. He get Barlean’s Pet Essentials Flax Oil. I’m a naturalist and I believe in Herbs and Food as my Medicine.

    Bear has Hip Dysplasia and I give him 1/8 of a Teaspoon of Valerian Root when he seems to be in a lot of Pain. Also I give him with his soft food 1/4 Teaspoon of Turmeric for Inflammation.

    Thanks Cindy


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  8. Question, how many drops of colloidal silver should I put in my dogs per pound? I would greatly appreciate it if you’d get back to me asap. Thanks


    • My cats range from 11 to 17 pounds. I put 5-7 drops of silver in their fresh water every morning. I use Sovereign Silver brand (10 parts per million). Phone number 888-328-8840.
      As I mentioned in another post, I haven’t seen a recommended dose anywhere for pets. If you find it, please let me know.
      Where did you find out about my blog post on the silver? What search engine and what search terms?
      Thanks for posting!


  9. I’m just not sure because it was late winter or early spring when I began, and that first summer we didn’t have fleas.

    I have lowered the dose to 5 drops in fresh water every morning. All three cats drink it. Nobody has been to the vet since 2011 except for Tuxie’s checkup last September.


  10. How long did it take for the colloidal silver to make your cats free of fleas? I may try it for my dog.


  11. Hello i am a keen user of colloidal silver and i make my own. My little jack russell was sick a while back with a cough. I gave him a teaspoon per day in his water and within a week it had disappeared. Once a week i give him a teaspoon of CS and his health is great..


  12. My Zora (also a tuxedo) has allergic dermatitis to flea bites. She’s a healthy girl with a thick shiny coat and I give her all the best natural stuff out there: grain free kibbles & raw food, coconut oil (internally and externally), vitamin C or lysine (cause she has feline herpes), clay in her water (for minerals and detox, she likes it better than regular water and I don’t use tap water) or Schussler cell salts (homeopathic minerals). I’m not always very disciplined about all the supplements above but she gets at least one or more per day since she’s an indoor/outdoor cat and sometimes she spends the night outside. I also give her homeopathic drops to help with the dermatitis but lately I haven’t found it as helpful as usual.
    I recently remembered the colloidal silver (I used it a few months ago on an eczema that popped up on my face one morning and I’m not prone to skin allergies, it went away after 2-3 days and I remember how soothing it was to my itching skin).
    I see you recommend adding a few drops to the water, which dosage do you think is right for an adult cat (mine is about 12 pounds)? I once read a dropper full, which is about 1/4 tsp.
    Also have you try applying it on the skin directly? (with some cats, like mine, putting anything on the skin is a tricky business).
    Thanks for your help ;).


    • Dear Zora’s Mom or Dad,

      So nice to hear from you about the silver. I do not know the advised dosage. I can write here what I use and give you contact info for the supplier of the silver so you can contact them and ask for dosage info (and let me know what they say!). I do use tap water because I want them to have the minerals but I hate that there is chlorine in the water in California!

      In a large soup bowl I add fresh water every a.m. and 6-7 drops of colloidal silver. So far this year, no fleas. It amazes me. My three cats use this bowl daily.

      One person wrote on a pet med blog that there is all kinds of info out on the net about the dangers of colloidal silver with pets. I haven’t seen it, and again, if you find something, please let me know.

      The company I use is called Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol (Immune Support). 10 ppm/2 fl. Oz/ 59ml. The maker is Natural Immunogenics Corp. Pompano Beach, FL 33069 USA. Phone # 888-328-8840.

      Good luck with Zora! Louella Nelson Mail-Order Mate , Emerald Fortune , Romancing the Pages , Just released: “Atlas Shrugged Again,” a short romance set in space. Coming soon: The Great Writing Series


    • Did you use the silver in Zora’s water? Please write back during the hot weather so I have your feedback about controlling the fleas with silver.


    • Did Zora ever get better with the colloidal silver drops?
      Louella Nelson


    • I don’t recall replying to your post about healthy cat remedies. I use 5-7 drops of colloidal silver in my cats’ water every morning. I took them off it for the month of March just to let the kidneys rest. I do notice they scratched more toward the end of the month. I put them back on the silver drops today.
      Nobody suggested the amount.
      If you know a formula for the ratio of body weight to silver drops please let me know.
      How did you find my post about the silver?
      How is your tuxedo cat doing?


  13. Lou,
    I didn’t know you were a fellow “cat lady!” When I see you next, get ready, we’re going to discuss this! My Harley had a BAD reaction to the flea meds (picture a cat on Mescaline.)

    I bought the REALLY expensive ones, and it’s better, but it still kills me to do it.

    We’ll talk.
    Thanks so much for all this great info!


    • Absolutely we’ll talk. I’ve been struggling with the whole toxic flea control problem for years. Knock on wood, it’s solved with the colloidal silver, a complete accident vis a vis the hunt for immune-building natural booster for Tuxie. Will see you at place-as-yet-unspecified for lunch on Friday. Noon, I’m guessing??? I can recommend Kings Fish House at I-5 & El Toro Road…. Thanks for the response from one of the kingpins of the great blog


    • Laura, did you try a few drops of the colloidal silver in Harley’s water? Let me know if you find anything further on that topic. It’s still working for my kitties. No fleas in 2012 at all.


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