Announcing Fiction Releases

I hope you will celebrate with me the digital release of three writing projects for 2012 that I’ve worked on this spring and summer and another I will release this fall.

On July 9, after extensive editing to add historical events, clothing styles, music, etc. of the era in which it was first published, I commissioned a cover and re-issued Mail-Order Mate, my best-selling novel from 1987.  On August 2, I repeated the process and launched Emerald Fortune with its new cover, a book which initially came into print in 1991.  Author Delle Jacobs from the Seattle area designed the covers.  The glacier on the cover of Mail-Order Mate is a photo I took of the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau.  Both novels are available on Amazon in all digital formats including Kindle, Nook, iPad/iBook, Kobo, and others.  The third project, released digitally this month, Romancing the Pages, features my story “The Prosecutor.” Meanwhile, I’m working on the fourth project, Days of Fire, as well as The Great Writing Series for fiction and creative nonfiction writers.

Thank you, everyone, for your support through the years.

Here are a few words about each book:

Coming in the fall…  Days of Fire, featuring a romance between two competitors vying for a million dollar purse and the prestigious title “Cutting Horse World Champion.”

Available now…

From best-selling author and award-winning writing instructor Louella Nelson, a tale of romance, deception, and danger in the wilds of Alaska — Mail-Order Mate.


Emerald Fortune,a novel of international intrigue, revenge, and love….  Dangerous, instinctive, his battle-scarred body hardened from months of deprivation, Mickey Stone is a man with a mission.  And love is a complication.  Guys like this one!


Romancing the Pages is an anthology of romantic short fiction conceived by two of my former students as a fund-raiser for the Orange County Romance Writers of America.  This collection of contemporary, historical, and fantasy stories is sure to delight at all seasons and would make a wonderful ebook Christmas gift. Love blossoms at the least expected times.


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