No Fleas! Silver Aces Out Flea Meds–Finally

Louella Nelson

October 24, 2019 Update to Original Post:

Correction to July 7 update: I have not used flea meds on my cats since the summer of 2011, eight years ago. Instead, I have used colloidal silver in their water.

My cats are still flea-free.

Tuxedo has gone on now. Papa Joe and his son Mamba Joe weathered the loss of our friend well and have been enjoying the garden about once a day for a couple of hours, before coming inside to be safe from weather and any wildlife that may somehow get into our fenced and secure yard.

And now we three have a new delight, a June 2019 tabby kitten we call Rain. She’s feisty, intelligent, and about as pesky to the elder gentlemen as a baby sister of the human variety would be with older brothers. She, too, drinks water with colloidal silver.

I’m currently putting a dropperful…

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3 responses to “No Fleas! Silver Aces Out Flea Meds–Finally

  1. I rec’d this response from “Dee” regarding use of the silver for fleas. All I can say is that I put 8 drops of Sovereign Silver in the cats’ water every morning, and they haven’t had fleas for more than three years (we don’t use any other flea med). Here is Dee’s email to me, which I want to share in case it helps someone else:

    Comment: Hi Louella! So glad I found your website! I have a cat named Mickey, who is indoor/outdoor, aged 10, who started losing weight and his fur looked very dull. Took him to the vet last wk. They did blood work. Everything came back normal. I even had more extensive thyroid work sent out and it also came back normal. The vet treated him for parasites. Put a topical solution on the back of his neck. I still felt something was off so I said a prayer and asked God to help me figure this out. All of a sudden, the word “Silver” came to my mind. I use Soveirgn Silver all of the time! I believe I was being led to give Mickey the Silver for whatever else was going on. I immediately started giving it to him every 3-4 hours. Within 24 hrs, he was starting to feel better. I am now giving him 1/2 tsp/3x’s day but I have no clue if that’s enough or if I can give him more so this resonates with me. My question is, both of my cats have fleas and I refuse to give them flea medication so are you saying that if I put 7-8 drops in fresh water every day, that will help? I am so grateful for the wisdom given to me to start giving Mickey a Silver. I just put it on his food. Thanks so much!


  2. Yes, Anne, I’m thrilled for him that he could make this trip. He’s loving it.
    And yes, still using colloidal silver and still no fleas. It’s great. Currently using 8 drops in a large soup-bowl sized water bowl.
    Thinking of adding a dropperful under my tongue every morning when I change the kitties’ water. Couldn’t hurt!
    Nice to hear from you.


  3. I use colloidal silver for everything, but never thought about it for the cats/fleas. What a wonderful idea. THANKS!
    Isn’t Steve doing great? What a trip! Go MARROW QUEST.


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