The BestSeller Secrets Series

for the Novel & Memoir Writer

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This series for fiction and creative nonfiction writers is under development.
By random drawing at the California Dreamin Writers Conference 2015, a copy of the Point of View handbook was awarded. To enter for the next drawing, sign up in the Contact Me box at right. Include your email address, phone, and mailing address. Be sure to put “Giveaway” in your email. Good luck!!!

Let us hear from you about problems and challenges you face as a writer that you’d like to see solved in this series of action guides, CDs, and DVDs.

How the BestSeller Secrets Series came about:
Louella Nelson, M.A., is an award-winning instructor and best-selling author who has been teaching creative writing at the university level since the mid-1990’s. She also teaches composition courses, and her community college students keep her focused on the needs of new- and special-needs learners.
In addition, throughout her teaching career, Lou has mentored small groups of writers striving to write fiction, memoir, and self-help books, and this long-term experience leading critique groups has tempered theories of writing craft with real-world publishing needs. Many of her students are published, agented, best-sellers, and award-winners.
Lou’s classroom style is relaxed, upbeat, and interactive. She believes an instructor’s attitude makes the difference between a positive learning experience for the student and one in which the material never gets applied in the real world. Because the materials in The BestSeller Secrets Series are step-by-step, easy to follow lectures, guides, and fill-in forms, an average learner can learn to write and sell a book, and a gifted learner can soar to only-dreamed-of heights in publishing.
“The success of the outcome depends entirely on the student’s ambition and level of commitment,” Lou feels. “If the drive is there, if they put in the time, if they follow the advisories throughout the materials, there’s almost no way a student will fail. Publishing dreams come true in my classes. I’ve seen it over and over and over. The handbooks are based the theories and handouts from my classes.”

Exciting skills you’ll learn in The BestSeller Secrets Series
How to
• be always inspired
• begin a new writing project with fresh ideas
• develop layered, convincing characters that stand out
• write dialogue that sings
• design complex scenes like the pros
• use emotion effectively
• write description that sizzles
• plot like it’s really happening
• master the art of the internal arc of change
• dovetail internal and external stories and subplots
• pace the work so it keeps readers up all night
• incorporate texture, tone, symbolism
• write the kind of book your readers–and editors–want
Keep the Energy Flowing with These Skills:
• figure out a writing schedule that works for you
• get your loved ones to support your goals
• organize or participate positively and effectively in a critique group
Market Your Career and Your Writing These Strategies
• Getting Into a Positive Mind-Set
• The Book Blurb and the business card
• The Author Bio
• The Pitch
• The Synopsis
• The Query
• The Proposal
• Social media–what, why, where, when, and how
• Q&A about author web pages
• How to target your agent or editor
• Interact effectively with publishing professionals
• Should you get an agent…or a literary attorney?
• Self-publish? Or hold out for a traditional publishing contract?
• Self-promotion–what, why, and how
• Writing organizations
• How to work a conference
• Contests–why and how
• Speaking and volunteering at writing events
Some of the amazing components of this program:
• Writing-Craft Action Guides with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and fill-in forms
• Audio CDs for listening-learners and be productive commuters
• “A Good Attitude Will Get You Published” advice guide
• Just Write It Diary to keep you on track
• Weekly Inspiration and Accomplishments Log
• The “Go-Go-Go” Motivational Booklet– advice and tips from 10 best-selling
• Quizzes and games to keep writers inspired
• Teaching Guide for Groups


  • Bonus “Anxiety-free Self-Publishing Guide” by USA-today best-selling author Debra Holland
  • Bonus “Finding Financial Freedom as a Writer” by successful financial consultant Stacee Nelson

No matter what type of writing you do, knock it out of the park with The BestSeller Secrets Series handbooks, action guides, CDs, and DVDs.

If you have interest in writing classes, consultations about your project, or developmental editing, send a separate email via Contact Me indicating your interest in these or other craft how-to writing courses, seminars, and services.

Author Louella Nelson, M.A., created this program based on 17 years of award-winning teaching at universities and colleges in Southern California.

Here’s what writers and agents are saying about Louella’s teaching:

“Lou Nelson is absolutely the best writing teacher in our area, or anywhere else as far as I’m concerned. She’s changed my life as well as my writing. She’s amazing. Some of us were congregating in the lobby when an editor who’d enjoyed separate conversations with us conveyed that our group stood out in the sea of people. We came off as articulate, passionate and knowing our stuff. Hmmm….wonder where we got it!” Award-winning, agented Deborah Gaal

“Once again, last night’s workshop showed me how important it is to belong to a writing group. I knew going into the meeting that tension was lacking in the first few pages of my story but thought I could get away with it. Although I didn’t want to hear it, the group picked up on that issue and let me know.” –published writer Dennis Copelan

“Kathryn Fitzmaurice has always been your biggest fan. I’m so thankful that I sat next to her at a SCBWI conference and overheard her recommending your program—just hearing how much she loved and
benefitted from it was enough to motivate me to look up your class and sign up!” –writer Fiona Ivey

“You (Lou’s student) and the other people in your writing group were certainly the highlight of the conference for me! I look forward to reading your book and hope to respond within a month.” –Robyn Russell, agent

“I’m so excited to attend the writers conference this weekend, and because of all your help and guidance, I feel I am prepared for it and ready for the challenges that it brings.” –Editor’s Choice Award-winner Cameron Harvey

“Fantastic news – the agent I’ve been working with for the past year offered to represent me. I could not be more thrilled. Your humble and grateful student,” Blake Bullock, award-winning agented writer.

For more student and client testimonials, click on the Client Successes tab.

To learn about our incentive program for bulk sales by writing groups, RWA chapters, and schools–or for suggestions, pre-orders, questions, testimonials, or other information–contact us at


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