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Announcement:  Look for the release of my next novel, Rye’s Reprieve, in a secret project issuing on February 9, 2016. If you want a notification just before the event, please fill out your name and email in the Contact Me box on the right.

Voices from Louella Nelson…
A Common Thread: Love

Short Stories  Available on Amazon for Kindle

cover of "Cora Lee" Amazon Best-Seller
Cora Lee
In this gripping tale of survival in backwoods Depression-era Virginia, a homeless mother awakes after days of fever to find a tall stranger sharpening his knife by her campfire. Her husband, expected to return from looking for work, is a week late. In her struggle to reunite her family, a desperate Cora Lee protects herself with a mantle of bitterness and hate; but her child’s propensity for hope, the kindness of strangers, and her own capacity for love challenge Cora Lee to embrace the blessings as well as the tragic ironies of her life.  —Cover art by Nellie Vin; cover design by Delle Jacobs.

Falling for the Prosecutor
   On the eve of her marriage in Newport Bay and with the holidays just around the corner, Lizzie awakens to a real world nightmare in which the life of her dreams is falling apart.  Learning to confront her worst fears, she discovers that redemption can arrive in the strangest of guises. Rising from the ashes takes courage and strength of character – can Lizzie overcome the tragedies that have dogged her and find the faith to create a new life again?


A Humorous Space Romance




More voices in short fiction available online….


Novels Available on Amazon for Kindle, Barnes & Nobel, iTunes, Smashwords, and more.

book cover

Adventure and romance in the wilds of Alaska

All covers above were designed by Delle Jacobs except as noted.

Emerald Fortune book cover

Suspense and Romance, Exotic Locations, Life & Death Stakes

Romancing the Pages book

Cover design by Lex Valentine


Other novels by Louella Nelson:
Sentinel at Dawn
Freedom’s Fortune
Days of Fire

Nonfiction (not yet released)

book cover

This book is planned to follow after and incorporate smaller handbooks such as Sizzling Synopsis and Story, Plot & Character Arc.

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  1. Rita Clay Estrada

    Louella Nelson, you are AWESOME!


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