Shameless Self-Promotion of Me and Some of My Writing Clients

Deb Gaal presents Lou a launch cake Mail-Order Mate crop 7-2012

Louella Nelson, left, with award-winning author Deborah Silverberg Gaal

“Louella Nelson is absolutely the best writing teacher…. She’s changed my life as well as my writing.” –award-winning, agented, published writer Deborah Gaal (R) with Lou at the release of Lou’s novel Mail-Order Mate. Deborah’s debut novel, The Dream Stitcher, won Finalist, 2018 National Jewish Book Awards for the Goldberg Prize for Debut Fiction.

Your class, Intermediate Novel Writing, is essential for anyone interested in writing a book.  Louella Nelson, through her lectures and reference materials, breaks down the ‘beats’ of a story, explaining the ‘what’s’, the ‘whys’ and the ‘how comes’; so that story idea is transformed in a plot/character outline, with a great beginning, a strong middle, and a knockout ending. This class truly altered the way I write.  –writer Janna Roznos

author photo

Author Tim Twombly writes with humor and depth.

I had this fantasy, a dream in which I would write and publish a coming-of-age novel. I needed a coach, a shepherd, someone who had mastery of the medium, someone who had grit and a great sense of humor. I got lucky. I found Louella Nelson.     –Tim Twombly, author of A Bonafide Detective .

“I so appreciate Lou’s help, guidance, honesty, and Oreo cookie approach to constructive criticism.” –Michele Khoury, author of the debut novel Busted.

“Lou Nelson taught me everything there is to know about the art of novel writing.  Her teachings on plotting helped me take an idea that was floating around in my head to a fully-fleshed out story.  She gives her writers constructive edits, all while kindly encouraging them to keep moving forward with their projects.” –film critic and film and fiction writer Amelia Solomon   www.filmandtvmania.com

I’ve studied with a lot of great writers, but Louella Nelson was the best teacher I’ve ever had for character development. More than ten years later, I still have my notebook from her class and refer back to it whenever I need to explain the fundamentals of crafting a story to a client or push myself past obstacles in my own writing. –author Candice Davis, winner of the 2004 Pen Emerging Voices Fellowship.


Destiny Web Page

“Thank you again for all of the comments and knowledge you gave me. I often direct aspiring writers to your classes because they are such a good place to learn.”Kathryn Fitzmaurice, award-winning author of The Year the Swallows Came Early, Destiny Rewritten, A Diamond in the Desert, and other novels.


Dennis Copelan's story

“Once again, last night’s workshop showed me how important it is to belong to a writing group. I knew going into the meeting that tension was lacking in the first few pages of my story but thought I could get away with it. Although I didn’t want to hear it, the group picked up on that issue and let me know.” –Dennis Copelan, author of “Moviola” and the Welcome to Hollyweird Collection).

“Kathryn Fitzmaurice has always been your biggest fan. I’m so thankful that I sat next to her at a SCBWI conference and overheard her recommending your program–just hearing how much she loved and benefitted from it was enough to motivate me to look up your class and sign up!” –novelist Fiona Ivey

“I’m so excited to attend the writers conference this weekend, and because of all your help and guidance, I feel I am prepared for it and ready for the challenges that it brings. Becoming a part of your classes has been such an amazing experience and it’s something I look forward to all week. Thank you so much for your kindness, patience, and support.” –Editor’s Choice Award-winner Cameron Harvey, author of The Evidence Room (Minotaur Books)

“You were/are an important teacher for me. You helped bring back the creative side in me, while reminding me that hard work and craft could also be fun!” –humorist, columnist, writer Ruth Yunker, author of Me, Myself, and Paris and other books


Lou & Debra USA Cake crop

Debra Holland, best-selling author and winner of multiple fiction awards, pictured above with Lou, in celebration of Debra’s books making the USA Today best-seller list.

“Currently, Wild Montana Sky and its two sequels are #1,#2, and #3 on the Amazon Top 100 Western Romance list. Several editors were interested in acquiring the best-selling self-published series, and I chose Amazon Montlake. The new versions of the books are out now. My success is definitely due to Louella Nelson. She is the writing teacher, mentor, and editor extraordinaire!”

“I will definitely continue to tell all my writing friends and colleagues about your excellent classes.” –Kimberly Keilback, Global Warming is Good for Business, winner of the 2009 National Indie Excellence Award. Read more here.

“You (Lou’s student) and the other people in your writing group were certainly the highlight of the conference for me! I look forward to reading your book and hope to respond within a month.” –former agent at The Amy Rennert Agency, Inc., now at Working Title Editorial.

“Fantastic news – the agent I’ve been working with for the past year offered to represent me. I could not be more thrilled. Your humble and grateful student,” B. Bullock, agented writer.

“Had a conference this past weekend in Temecula with an editor at Viking. I’d like to share with you the closing line: ‘However you decide to revise, I see a lot of great writing and great potential here.’ Lou, thanks for upping my game.” –writer Jesper Widen

“It has been such a pleasure and gift being in Lou’s group all these years. The mere thought of all I’ve learned from each of you overwhelms me.” –writer Joanne Wilshin

“You’re amazing. Some of us were congregating in the lobby when an editor who’d enjoyed separate conversations with us conveyed that our group stood out in the sea of people. We came off as articulate, passionate and knowing our stuff. Hmmm….wonder where we got it!” — author Deborah Gaal.

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